Center for Civic Values

At the Center for Civic Values (CCV), we envision a society in which all people understand, value and participate in the processes of self-government.

We further our vision by providing education and resources to encourage public participation in the law. Siince 1978 CCV has been the administrator and host of various law-related education programs, including Gene Franchini High School Mock Trial program.




Gene Franchini High School Mock Trial

An Innovative, Hands-On Experience in the Law

Mock trial is an innovative, hands-on experience in the law for high school students of all ages and abilities. Every year hundreds of New Mexico teenagers and their teacher advisors and attorney coaches spend the beetter part of the school year researching, studying and preparing a hypothetical courtroom trial involving issues that are important and interesting to young people.


About The Center for Civic Values

CCV was founded originally in 1962 as the New Mexico Bar Foundation and is organized as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable and educational corporation. Our offices are in Albuquerque, New Mexico; we have program activities throughout the state; and, our educational materials are used in classrooms and mock trial programs across the country.

CCV participates in GuideStar©, the online standard for nonprofit accountability; you may review CCV's GuideStar(c) listing here.

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Center for Civic Values

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